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Abba, Ben Researcher Into Secrets Of The Universe Including Super-Centurions Living Among Us Today.
Addabbo, Nunzio UFOs and the JFK Assassination
Allen, Lisa, MH Astrologer, Herbalist, Dowser, Tarot Reader, Energetic Healer, Usui Reiki Master, Flower Essences, Author
Applegate, Sheila Author, Presenter, Visionary, Spiritual Life Coach
Athey, Sandi Psychic Readings, Medical Intuitive, Animal Communicator, Healer
Bahti, Tani Over 34 Years As RN, Predominantly Focusing On End Of Life Care And Education
Balthaser, Dennis G Roswell New Mexico Researcher / Investigator
Barnett, Lisa Founder, Teacher & Consultant of Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom
Bartz, Carolyn Secrets fo Cat Attitude Revealed
Baryza-Ly, Janine Spiritual Medium / Columnist
Bassett, Stephen Lobbyist for UFO/ET Research/Activist Organizations
Battros, Mitch TV Producer - Earth Changes
Becker, Rochelle Environmental Activist
Beckett, Shelby Author, Speaker, Channeler, Teacher, Workshop Facilitator
Beitman, Dr. Bernie Host of Connecting with Coincidence Radio Show on XZBN
Belitz, Friar Justin, OFM Franciscan Friar and Roman Catholic Priest
Berry, Darryl E, Jr Out-Of-Body Experience, Astral Travel, Altered States, Extraterrestrial Contact, Pure Non-Dualistic Thought, 4th Density Thought
Bille, Matthew A Science writer and defense/aerospace consultant
Birdsong, Maighread Wiccan Clergy/Reiki Grand Master/Paranormal Investigator, Writer/Poet
Bishop, Dr Jo Anne PhD, MPA Psychology, parapsychology, intuitive development and success strategies
Blackburn, Alison Carol Angel Intuitive Counselor and Advocate
Blackburn Losey, Dr Meg Metaphysics, Paranormal, Traditions and Ceremonies, Archeological Sites as related to ancient beliefs and practices
Blaze, Chrissie Author, Astrologer, Speaker, Minister
Bloom, Howard Scientific theorist on mass behavior
Blue, Sebastien Author - Liquid Diamond
Braschler, Von Writer, Pet Massage Therapist
Brownlie, Marion Author, Intuitive Psychic/Healer and Energy Therapist.
Bryan, Melissa Medium, Author, Actress, Radio Personality
Camp, Robert Lee Author, The Cards of Your Destiny and Love Cards
Campione, David The World's Greatest UFO/Flying Saucer Documentary. DVD & CD
Author, Broadcaster, Motivational Speaker and Near-Death Experiencer
Carole, CC Ghost Hunter / Spirit Healer
Carroll, Judy Author, Reiki Master, Tai Chi Instructor
Clear, Constance Psychotherapist, Author, Radio Show Host
Colombo, John Robert Author - Anthologist
Cook, Richard C Author, Speaker, Founder And Teacher Of Ascension Meditation And Healing™, Former Federal Analyst & Whistleblower
Cornet, Dr. Bruce Oaleobotanist, Palynologist, Geologist, APO Researcher
Coull, Clifford S Like Trees Grow Together - A Spiritual Journey
Crowe, Ray Western Bigfoot Society
Dahne, Jill #1 Love Psychic & Astrologer for The Globe Magazine
Dale, Claudia Crystal and Spiritual Healer
Dalfen, Layne Dream Analyst, Author, Speaker
Danelek, J. (Jeffrey) Allan Paranormal Researcher / Lecturer and Author
Daniels, Kooch Tarot & Other Oracles, Psychic Development, Out Of Body Experiences, Chakras, Meditation, & Mysticism.
Davenport, Marc Writer / Publisher
deAngelis, Dr. Angela Author, lecturer, spiritual guide, psychotherapist, international seminar leader
De Long, Douglas Past-life Therapist, Spiritual Teacher, and Author
Dennis, Darlene Author of Host or Hostage: A Guide for Surviving House Guests
Didier, Matthew James Toronto Ghost & Haunting Research Society
Doner, Margaret Angelic Channel, Past Life Regression
Doyle, Patricia Arm Chair Investigator - Plum island Facility
Druffel, Ann UFO Researcher
Dupree, Heidi RN, CTN Energy Medicine Expert
Durante, Georgia Stunt Driver/Mafia get-away driver
Eadie, Jo-Anne Weight Specialist with Virtual Gastric Band, Age Regression, 5PATH, Past Life Regression, Smoking Cessation, Stress Relief
Elder, Paul Paranormal Researcher / Remote Viewer
Ellen, Virginia Activation of the Sacred Seals and Ascension
Ellis, Ralph King Jesus - From Egypt to Camelot
Engst, Dorothy Jeanne Publisher of True Blue Spirit®
Eno, Paul F Philosophy, Theology, Psychology, Journalism.
Fenster, Dr Mike Interventional Cardiologist (MD); Author, Asst. Professor; Professional Chef
Fierro, Michael John Numerologist / Author / Lecturer
Firoda, Tina A Book of Insight
Flickner, Mike L Paranormal Investigator
Flowers, Doyle W Jr Jesus Really Is Coming Back.....Soon!
Foster, Brent Author and Investigative Work - Parapsychology
Freeman, Pattie, CI, CHT Hypnotherapis t- UFO Regression
Freer, Neil Generalist, Author, Philosopher
Frisch, Linda Spiritualist/ Healer and caretaker of Ancient Crystal Skulls
Frueh, Deborah Executive/Intuitive Coach
Grandbois, Serge J Certified Hypno-Therapist, Certified Life Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified Hypno-Linguistic Practitioner
Geller, Uri World's most famous paranormalist
Gilson, Geoff Author of "Maggie's Hammer"
Ginex, Nicholas P. Egyptian, Judaic. Christian and Islamic Religions
Gladstone, William Author of "The Twelve"
Goldylocks Temple of Healing Holistic Practitioner
Grant, Lois Spiritual and Emotional Healing
Green, Louisa Oakley Author, Freelance Writer, Journalist, Science Writer
Greene, Tara Tarot Card Reader
Greer, Dr. Steve M Extraterrestrial Contact / Author
Grimes, Roberta Evidence-based expert and teacher in the fields of death, the afterlife, and the meaning and message of Jesus.
Gruder, Dr. David, PhD, DCEP Clinical & Organizational Psychologist, Ordained Interfaith Clergy
Hadady, Letha Author, Natural Health And Beauty Expert, Media Personality, Natural Products Consultant
Harman, Jeff Classical Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Kabbalistic Astrology
Harper, John Jay The fifth-dimensional physics of metaphysics, or more simply, the Science of Soul.
Hauck, Dennis William Researcher of the Paranormal and Mystical States of Consciousness
Haynes, Dana Astrologer, Writer-Author, Lecturer, Event Planner
Helvie, Dr Carol O R.N. Practitioner, Educator, Author, Researcher, Radio Host.
Hickman, Jim Centre for UFO Studies, Citizens Against UFO Secrecy
Hickok, Nita Exorcist, Energy Healer, Distant Healer, Demonologist, Angelologist (Deceased)
Hogue, John Student of Prophecies
Hughes, Marilynn Out-of-Body Travel
Huriash, Professor Solomon Why Humans Beings Do Not Need Blind Faith To Believe In Creationism
Jacobs, Linda Oil and gas, geology, Yellowstone and Jackson Hole geology and history.
Jackson, Joyce Psychic, Psychic Medium, Huna Shaman
Jaffer, Hassan Astrologer
Jett, Blair Ordained Minister, Paranormal Investigator and Researcher, Lightworker
Jette, Martha Writing, Manuscript Editing, Book Reviews, Columnist At Examiner.Com
Johansson, Linnea Psychic / Medium
Johnson, Brad Conscious Matrix Communicator (Psychic/Channeler/Healer/Spiritual Teacher)
Johnson, Kat HPS, Witch Practitioner, Paranormal Spiritual Advisor and Owner, Spell Bound Magick
Jones, Carolyn CJ Inspirational Author
Jones-Hunt, Jackie Author, Lecturer, Psychic Psychical Researcher & Spiritual Historian
Joseph, Mike Mordakhai OT & NT Law, Bible, History of the Middle East
Karst, Patrice Author / Spiritual Seeker
Kaya Author, International Lecturer, Dream Interpreter, Composer & Singer, Editor
Kaye, Linda Psychic Love Coach and Reiki Master
Kirk, Gayle Psychic, Medium, Channel, Life Coach, Healing Facilitator, Inspirational Speaker, Author, and Spiritual Teacher
Kimball, Glenn Judeo/Christian History, Defussionism
Kitei, Dr Lynne D Medical Doctor, Educator, Phoenix Lights Key Witness & Investigator
Knight, Sirona Author - Wicca, Celtic Spirituality, Bocy, Mind & Spirit
Kolb, Dr Susan E Founder of Plastikos Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Millennium Healthcare
Korn, Joey and Jill Dowsing, Life Counseling, Personal Energy Clearing, And Space Clearing
Laghonh, Sasha Professional & Self-Development, Spiritual Counseling
Larson, Cynthia Sue Reality Shifts, Retrocausality, Synchronicity, Intuition, Auras, Psychic Experiences
Laszlo, Dr. Ervin WorldShift 2012
Lawson, Lawrence F "Larry" Host of "Paranormal StakeOut wit Larry Lawson" on XZBN and Founder of the Florida Bureau of Paranormal Investigation
Lefort, David Psychic
Lemire, Dr. Luc Holistic Healers, Founders of Inner Miracles
Levin, Deborah Clairvoyant
Lieberman, Ellena Author, Spiritual Educator Specializing In The Akashic Records, Speaker And Vocal Artist
Louise, Dr Rita Ancient Spiritual & Mythic Traditions,Iintuition, Health & Healing, Paranormal
Loveland, Dr. Bara Researcher, Seminar Instructor, Author, Inventor, Personal Spiritual Instructor
Mann Lucia Author - Rise Above Hate & Anger
Marden, Kathleen UFO Abduction, Social Research Methodology, Hypnosis, Writing, Lecturing
Marinelli, Gianni Master Hynoptherapist
Marra, Dr. Joseph Family Practitioner, Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist, Professional Lecturer
Marsh, Justina C0-Host of Two Good To Be True Radio Show on XZBN
Marsh, Peter C0-Host of Two Good To Be True Radio Show on XZBN
Massengale, Dr Dee Spiritual Grief Counsellor, Author, Lecturer
Masson, Linda Medium Intuitive and Channelling Artist
Masters, Heather Animal Communicator, Energy Worker, Consulting Hypnotist, Nutritional Consultant
McConnell, Rob Radio/TV Host & Producer, Publisher, Music Recording Artist, Author,
McDonald, Lori Marie Ghost & Orb Investigations, Paranormal Research
McDonald, William L Forensic Anthropology / UFO / Forensic Illustrator
McDonnough, Michael Researcher, Author, CEO, CCO
McGeorge, Dr. Kimberly Energy Healer, Intuitive, Naturopath
McKeever, Gracie C New Age / Paranormal
Mendelsohn, Laura Bartolini Spirit Medium, Clairvoyant Healer
Mendelson, Sandra Animal Communicator
Mercado, Elaine RN Emergency Room nursing, author "Grave's End" and various articles on holistic nursing.
Miss Bonnie Clairvoyant / Medium / Reiki Master / Metaphysical Practitioner
Monaghan, Kelly Jo Intuitive Psychic Medium Professional
Moore, Tom T Teaching The Gentle Way; Telepathy
Morgan, Robert W American Antropological Research Foundation
Myers, Steven Lost Technologies of the Great Pyramid
Nash, Sarah Supreme Psychic, Medium, Ghostbuster, Irreverent Reverend, Mystic
Nightingale, Christine Toronto Healing Arts Centre
Noseworthy, Olive Spiritual Health Consultant / Psychic Medium / Author, Secrets of My Soul
Nunley, Ann P The Angel Lady
O`Donnell, Cahira Paranormal Romance
Oeste, Dr. Dave International Ghost Hunters Society
Ogden, Frank - Dr. Tomorrow Futurist
Ozosky, Ed Director of Paranormal Research
Palermo. Joseph UFO/Paranormal/Psychic research, television production specializing in these subjects
Paron, Lisa Astrologer
Paterson, Andrea C Ministry To Seniors In Long Term Care Facilities And Senior's Retirement Residence. Play Congas For Church Worship Team
Payton, Michelle Mix Birth Patterns Analysis
Peckham, William S Broadcaster/ Author
Penttila, Nancy Holistic Healers, Founders of Inner Miracles
Perkins, Dan Energy and International Terrorism
Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists
Prescott, Heidi Paranormal Researcher
Price, David Author / Interior Design / Feng Shui
Psychic Universe Psychic Services
Pye, Lloyd Hominoids, Ancient Astronaut Theory, The Starchild (Deceased)
Radja, Shelley Yuen Energetics - Energy Healing / Reiki / Channeling / Akashic Records
Randle, Dr. Kevin Author / Researcher: CRASH: When UFOs Fall From The Sky
Ray, Rev. Peggy Angels / Energy Healing / Animal Communicator / Dream Analysis
Rees, Helen Medium, Teacher of Personal Development
Ress, Patricia Griffin UFOs / Time Travel / Alternative Healing & Medicine
Robins, Barbara Subtle Energy Field Balancing (Distance and in person)
Rogers Van Coops, Dr. Margaret All Aspects Of The Paranormal, Physiological, Psychological And Spiritual
Royes, Paul Cosmic Consciousness
Salaz, Lisa Intuitive Spiritual Awareness Coach
Schenk, Nolalee Solar Myth
Schneid, Dr. William PhD Criminologist & Director of Special Operations for a California Private Investigation Agency
Senate, Richard L Historian and Psychic Researcher, Author
Shannon, Marilyn Psychic in Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Shapiro, Gerri Pain Relief / Alternative Health
Shealy, Dr. Clyde Norman Medical Doctor, Parapsychology
Shepherd, John Desginer of low frequency rx/tx equipment & more
Shimer, John C. The Angels Among Us Project
Sims, Derrel Alien Impants
Sims, Patick Spiritual counseling and Emotional healing
Spencer, Gabrielle Master Energy Healer ~ Multi-Dimensional Healing Method, Founder/Developer
Soman, Rita Addictions & Mental Health Treatment Specialist, PSYCH-K Instructor
Starks, Jan CEO of Star ComMedia LLC, KHXI-FM, KKRP AM-1610, Star Com Radio Network, Star Com Productions
Stein, Matthew Sustainability, Disaster prep, Self-Reliance, Baptism with Fire/Shaktipat
Stone, Michael Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, Matrix Energetics, Quantum Entrainment
Syska, Carol Director, International UFO Museum and Research Center, Roswell, New Mexico.
Taffs, Mary Magick / Paranormal
Taylor, Don Author and Investigative Work - Parapsychology
Teal, Michael Lucien Psychic / Freelance Writer
True Psychics Network Metaphysical and Holistic Professionals
Turi, Dr L Clinical Hypnotherapist/Astropsychologist
Underwood, Mark President & Co-Founder of Quincy Bioscience
Unum, Michael Researcher, Author, CEO, CCO
Valkos, Dan The World's Most Psychotic Psychic
Violini, Rose Juanita Unexplained Phenomena & Fairplay Mystery Cluetrails
Wagman, Freda Author: Snippets from the Trenches, a mother's AIDS memoir
Wegman, Dita Nostradamus Egyptian Dream Book
Weigant, Joe Reiki Master, Psychic Medium, Paranormal Investigator And Consultant
Weil, Nancy Benefits of Laughter
Willard, Billy Bifgoot Researcher
Winston, John W Electronics
Wiyaka, Gwilda Shamanic Teacher/Practitioner, Author, Founder/Director Path Home Shamanic Arts School, Medical Intuitive, Singer/Songwriter
Woolford, Peter The Genesis Grid
Wolverton, Monte Writer, Syndiacated Political Cartoonist, Artist
Wong, Priestan Tiberius Research of Ancient Artifacts, Ruins & Civilizations
Wyeth, Sharón Lynn Neimologist - Interpreting Names To Know All About A Person.
Yacobucci, Willis Mental Performance Coach Certified Consulting Hypnotist, NLP, and Access Bars Practitioner.
Zgourides, Dr. George MD, PsyD. Evidence-Based Lifestyle Medicine Solutions, Sexual Medicine